I love cars! Always have and always will. Growing up I was obsessed with the Ford Panther platform. Owned multiple Ford Crown Victoria’s, my dad had a Lincoln Town Car and uncle had a Mercury Grand Marquis. At the same time I loved the looks and performance of Ford SVT/FPV and Chrysler SRT products, so I organized events to meet owners and be part of their community. Once I started volunteering in Motorsport I discovered my new passion for Mazda MX-5 and over the past few years that has been my true obsession. I road tripped my car and met owners wherever I traveled around the world to see their cars in person. And finally after many years of thinking about it I bought a Jeep Wrangler which will fill the void while I shop for another Miata.

Silly as it may be to lump my die cast collecting hobby with real cars, I think it’s appropriate. Ever since my family moved to this country in 1995 I started collecting 1/43 scale State Police cars by Road Champs which I would later buy for real at various government auctions. With the SVT and SRT hobby I bought some fantastic looking 1/18 scale Dodge Vipers and Mustang Cobras by Maisto and 1/24 scale F150 Lightning by Bburago. And most recently in 2018 while going through Motorsport withdrawal as a result of starting a new job and not being able to travel to volunteer, I started collecting 1/64 scale GT3 race cars by Mattel: Hot Wheels and Matchbox featuring accurate liveries from various racing series I actually participated in. I couldn’t bring myself to spend the amount it cost to buy an accurate 1/18 Auto Art version of my Copper Red NC Miata PRHT but I did jump on the opportunity to buy a 1/24 version of my Commando Green Jeep Wrangler Unlimited by Maisto.

To view a Spotter Guide of my 1/64 collection, visit: I will share some photos of the wonderful card art from the Hot Wheels / Matchbox hobby here.