Charade Circuit France

Whenever I travel I research Motorsport events in the area I’m visiting to see if I could participate. I was very tempted to sign up for a round of Formula Truck at Charade Circuit in France while attending my cousin’s wedding nearby… and there I faced a dilemma if I were to actually sign up and geopardize the main reason I traveled there my family would never speak to me again.

Luckily in a typical French fashion it was way too complicated to make anything happen, so my attendance at the wedding was saved, but thanks to my cousin I actually got to sneak into the venue.

I’m so jealous that the bulk of my French family lives just 20 minutes away from the famous former Formula 1 circuit between the village of Volvic and the city of Clermont-Ferrand. If I lived that close to a circuit I’d go there for every single event.

Looking on Charade’s calendar of events there were only 3 happening all year, and I was lucky enough to visit when they had the big Trucks in town, something I always wanted to volunteer for. The only time I got to see one of those Euro-trucks in action was a single racetruck making a lap around the Nordschleife during the Nurburgring 24h. They are really neat to experience.

As with any big event there were security at the gate, lucky for me the guy spoke just enough English for me to persuade him we were on a marshaling team going to speak to the boss (we weren’t). And just like that we were in, joining a bunch of teams on Thursday while they were setting up their tents in the paddock. Very cool atmosphere and one that could only be beat if I got to see them race.

Maybe one day?