Hey Russ! How are Ya?

Greeting to anyone reading this… and to my future self! As cliche as it sounds, I blog for an audience of one: Me! And then I get a comment or an e-mail/text message out of the blue about something I wrote and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… Hmm! someone’s actually reading this besides me. So thanks to all of you whomever you are!

I’ve spent the past few months contemplating on how to proceed with all these web sites I’ve accumulated over the years. In a true hoarder fashion I’ve had almost a dozen of them that I’ve been paying renewal fees for years and not using at all. Lately I’ve started letting some of them go. Not just the sites I registered abroad almost a decade ago in France and Spain, but some stuff that introduced me to my automotive hobby like the registries I built for SRT, SVT and FPV owners. Had I done it sooner I’d have saved hundreds of dollars. But I’m not that smart. And definitely not smart enough to fix my latest blog Grand Prix Road Trip at which I broke uploading too many pictures of my Hot Wheels… not the first time Hot Wheels caused me troubles. I missed a flight once because I raised a stink with the TSA agent whom I scolded for roughing up my carry-on bag where I had a little Hot Wheels Miata. Long story short I told her the bag had fragile stuff inside… she sent me for secondary security screening where the next agent was just as clumsy and poof my flight left without me. Luckily it was a tight connection and the airline put me on the next flight, but that $1 car could have cost me dearly.

Anyway, why blog? Because simply listing stuff I’ve done like my Motorsport marshaling experiences, or the countries I’ve traveled to or lived in, or the list of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars in my collection is kind of boring without context. The blog allows me to express myself with an opinion on my experiences which often times I find were naive or outright wrong looking back at them, but nevertheless they put things in context. And that’s cool!

It has been months since my trip to Europe in September 2019 where I had some amazing experiences in France and Germany I wanted to share online and I didn’t. The trip to South Africa was amazing in November and save for a few pictures on facebook I haven’t given my take on the situation there. So it’s time to share my stories as best I can even though I’m sure some of them will ruffle feathers while others may inspire people to travel and do the things I’ve done themselves.

Besides travel and Motorsports, I’m now a Wrangler owner. The Miata got crashed out and I’m quite sad about that whole experience that I wish had never happened. It would be nice to share some stories about that. So over the next few days I’ll try to put pen to paper to describe things as I see them here on this web site. Will see where things go from there. So stay tuned!