Las Vegas Grand Prix, F1 at LV Street Circuit, Nevada

Writing this post at 3am because just as difficult the race schedule was to adjust to so is the recovery time. Happy to have been a part of the inaugural F1 GP on the Strip in Las Vegas. The scrutineer team is a true privilege to be a part of. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at this event.

I got to work in the Alfa Romeo garage, much like Miami GP a few months earlier. The team was very nice to work with, several crew actually remembered me from last time.

I’ve done a number of trips to Las Vegas in the past, particularly this time of the year for the SEMA show. It was a bit surprising how chilly it was though I never really stayed out until 4am if I’m honest. The city was also very much under construction. It kind of reminded me of Dubai where among beautiful landscape of new stuff there was always construction anywhere you looked with other newer stuff being built. The road construction taking place especially surprised me I thought that they’d have it finished in time for this weekend especially along the Strip.

It was also one of the few times I found myself without a rental car so I didn’t really know what to do with myself on Sunday before my late evening flight. The strip was a bit hard to walk with all the race barriers in place so I took the Deuce to downtown for a quick bite to eat on Fremont Street, and some walking around there before heading to the airport.

Oh yea… Having woken up late for 12 noon checkout I went for a little walk out of the Luxor, doing a little recon for where the temp bus stops were to make my way to the airport later that evening. My nice stroll along Tropicana Blvd actually ended at T1 at the airport lol. Took about an hour. Didn’t plan on walking that far but I only saw one bus on that whole walk pass me by. So naturally I chose a different route when it came time to head back. For anyone interested for next year the Deuce heading south goes by the rental car center where there are free shuttles to the terminals. Then again Uber or Lyft were not as much as I thought they’d be and that’s a much quicker option.