Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart

Every tour guide for Stuttgart, Germany highly recommends two museums: Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. My goal was to visit both.

I had booked a week-long stay in Stuttgart and Munich before flying home to the US and wanted to work out the logistics behind which one to visit first and how much time to allocate to each. My goal was to spend a whole day at one and then a whole day at the other. And while each have a ton to see and even restaurants on site so one doesn’t need to leave to get food… that much time was totally unnecessary and I managed to do both museums in one day. Porsche is the smaller of the two museums and Mercedes has far more to see, then again if you are a Motorsport fan like me the Porsche museum wins top honors for best automotive museum in Stuttgart. The displays change regularly and maybe I just got lucky because the focus during my visit was the Porsche 917’s. Perhaps a perk to encourage visitors to come to both is that you get a discount on your admission ticket when presenting a ticket from the other. So I got a nice few Euro discount at Porsche museum when I showed my Mercedes-Benz museum ticket, be sure to save yours. Similarly if you visit on your birthday the visit is free.

If you’re still with me after all that babble above, I want to be perfectly clear: I highly recommend the Mercedes-Benz museum. Go in with an expectation though that it is a huge facility going up many floors representing the general history of Daimler AG and specifically Mercedes-Benz as a car company over the past 100+ years. So there’s a lot of different stuff without too much focus on one particular thing. There is a nice Motorsport section but it’s small, relatively speaking even though there are a bunch of models on display… they are a small proportion of all of the stuff on display. I took well over 300 pictures during my two hour visit, and even though my phone camera produced some really embarrassing results I’m still very happy I got to see so much in person, which was complemented nicely by all the other stuff from Mercedes and Maybach I got to see at MotorWorld in Boblingen and the Auto & Tecknik museum in Sinsheim I will cover in a later post.

As much as I’d like to say here’s some of my favorite pix, reality is these are the ones that came out less worse than the rest. I do want to revisit the museum with a better camera. Though I cherish the memory from this visit, there were a number of exhibits that I came back to time and again for another look. I’m sure anyone would enjoy it as well.