Miami Grand Prix, F1 at Miami Autodrome, Florida

Welcome to South Florida! And my newest home race right around the corner from where I live and work.

I haven’t done an F1 Grand Prix in forever but living so close to this venue I just could not pass up the opportunity. And I am really happy I was given a chance to participate on the scrutineering team. It was so fantastic!

I could see the Hard Rock Stadium from work. On many occasions I’ve shopped at the Walmart across the street from it. The marshal hotel where I took the shuttle to the track was exactly 2 miles from my apartment. The convenience factor could not be overstated. It totally reminded me of my very first F1 experience at the Singapore Grand Prix.

The team I was on working in the FIA garage is amazing. I can’t believe it took me so long to find this incredible speciality. I wish I could participate more frequently with them. The assignment I got could not be better. I got to walk down pit lane during the race and watch many of the pit stops. So cool!

South Florida definitely embraced the F1 spirit. The stadium was packed. The concerts were well advertised locally at the Hard Rock Seminole Casino and the Guitar Hotel. Even Walmart got on the action as the official sponsor.

My experience could not have been any better and I’m super grateful to everyone that made it possible for that. Thank you!

Would love to do Las Vegas GP next year as well. Love Street circuits!