Miata Road Trip Southeast Asia: Singapore

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Singapore was the second stop on my Southeast Asia MX-5 Miata Road Trip and one I was really looking forward to. I used to live in Singapore back in 2011. It is where I picked up my marshaling hobby, and a place I love to come back to for their amazing food, excellent weather and great friends. Now I added another dimension to my trip: meeting with Mazda MX-5 Miata owners!

I knew it would be pretty difficult organizing a meeting during a work week, and especially during a work day as Singaporeans take their jobs very seriously and work some ridiculously long hours, but I was lucky enough that one owner was able to meet me around lunch time. My goal before visiting Singapore was to take some shots of a Miata with the Aston-Martin body kit and one that had a touch screen Stereo system installed because that’s what I’d like to do on my car. And what do you know? Woon, the owner of a beautiful 2008 GT PRHT with an Aston body kit and a touch screen was able to meet me. Sweet!

There’s not too many places in Singapore to stop on a street and do a photo shoot so our initial meeting was in the parking lot of Novena Square near to where I stay while visiting friends in town. Woon found a secluded area and I went nuts with my picture taking.

The car is pretty heavily modified inside and out. Custom seats. Custom dash, nicely done in suede material that’s soft to the touch. Custom hood with louvers and functional heat extraction slots. Sway bars. Big brakes. And it all must be scrapped in two years time to comply with Singapore’s strict 10 year COE rules. More about that later.

I wanted to take some day time shots so Woon was kind enough to drive out to the street where we continued the shoot.

Though originally Blue, the car is sporting a nice White wrap that makes perfect sense for the hot climate of Singapore. In fact I think that’s one of the things I’d really like to do to my car to preserve the paint better from the effects of the sun as well as small scratches.

I was incredibly thankful for the opportunity to meet a Singapore MX-5 owner, and especially a car that ticked all the boxes for my prerequisites or wish list so to speak.