Miata Road Trip USA: California Millionth Miata

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I missed my chance to sign the car in Germany… I missed it again when the Millionth Miata was on tour through New Jersey… but I’m proud to say I finally caught up with the car in California getting an opportunity to sign it during Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

What’s the big deal?

Bragging rights? Nope… A feeling of pride? Yep! Ever since I bought my Miata I’ve been gravitating towards MX-5 events around the world and Mazda has been very active in contributing with opportunities for owners to get more involved with the company and show their enthusiasm. The current Millionth Miata celebration is a perfect example. The car made it’s first appearance in Japan during an MX-5 get together… then it appeared in Germany at TidM show (which I missed even though I was in Germany two days later). Then it did a tour around the US where enthusiasts were able to drop by their local dealer and sign it… I had my plans made to do it at Wayne Mazda in NJ but that was the same weekend VIR finally approved my marshaling participation for the IMSA race… boo!

The Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca was a perfect opportunity to do my signing and enjoy the company of hundreds of other Miata owners present at the facility and around the track. It was pretty awesome.

I liked it so much I signed the car twice… and before anyone complains, the Mazda people working the 1,000,000th Miata booth encouraged us to sign for family or friends so there’s one signature on the right side of the car with my family name… and another sig for me personally on the right front fender (driver’s side since the car is RHD)… pretty neat!

I took a million pictures (of course) of the whole process:

So, signed the car… got a t-shirt and a little commemorative plaque to prove it… along with all the pix:

Funny enough, on the first day they didn’t have the t-shirt in 2XL… I got a 3XL just so I fit into it… but next day went back to ask for another one since I saw a new pile of 2XL’s appear… and they encouraged me to sign the car again… And Bam!… I did it again:

Since we were one of the last to leave the track at the end of the event, I got a chance to see the car get prepped for transport… up to Canada or Australia… or wherever else it’s going before it’s final destination at a museum in Hiroshima, Japan

Thanks for the opportunity Mazda!

And of course thanks for the opportunity Miata’s at Laguna Seca!