Miata Road Trip USA: Laguna Seca, California

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For a last minute trip this one was a super exciting one and worth every penny I spent on it thus far. After reading about Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca taking place this October in Monterey, California… one of the biggest Miata get togethers in the US, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be a part of it. I’ll write in greater detail about my experience but for now I’ll share some pix:

Picking up a rental car at Hertz San Francisco… what do  you know, it’s a Mazda… a Mazda5  (missing the MX obviously) First stop, Embassy Suites where they threw a big welcoming BBQ

Oh, hello MX-5 RF… finally we meet:

And just like that, they put me to work… love volunteering with these guys:

Great atmosphere, tons of Miata people and even more food!

First day at the track volunteering at the merchandise store first and then aligning the cars for the group photo and the parade lap:

Lots of Miata Exocets in attendance

Huge thanks to a new friend Adam for volunteering to give me a ride in the parade lap…turns out Adam is a scrutineer at various Pro events including WEC and F1 at COTA… methinks I’ll be seeing Adam again at various tracks volunteering races together. Thanks Adam!

Mazda really had their logos everywhere on this track. The first night ended with another amazing dinner that they invited me to just for volunteering…. Very awesome of them!

The views from the Red Bull VIP lounge were amazing. The entertainment and food were amazing also! Loved these scallops in bacon!

Miatas everywhere you look at Laguna Seca

All the vendors on one side of the paddock and then official Miatas at MRLS merchandise area where I volunteered on the other:

We were right next to the Millionth Miata and MX-5 RF displays:

Patriotic Canadians came from British Columbia and Alberta

Oh look, it’s my car!

And then the event came to a close… and I took my Mazda5 around for a little Laguna Seca photo shoot:

Bye Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca!  Hello to Pirelli World Challenge which I’ll volunteer for next week at Laguna Seca 🙂