Porsche Museum Stuttgart

Porsche Museum in Stuttgart is the best auto-manufacturer museum in Germany… it made a Porsche admirer out of me. Of the three that I visited on my trip to Germany in the fall of 2019 I liked Porsche over Mercedes-Benz and BMW. As a brand, I always preferred BMW and Mercedes but this museum evolved my thinking. Don’t get me wrong I always respected Porsche race cars as such, but I don’t think they were my favorites. Now they are.

So after fan-girling over the brand above here’s some backstory. The official reason for my Euro Trip 2019 was my cousin’s wedding in France but the trip kicked into high gear when I took a high speed TGV train to Germany to visit some factories and museums something I haven’t done before on all my Motorsport trips to the area. I booked my hotel just one train stop away from Porscheplatz and that part of town was clearly dominated by Porsche factories. In fact it is typically possible to visit the factory on the visit to the museum. But because the Porsche Taycan electric car was just introduced and the factory was going through a retooling process I was out of luck from actually visiting. But no sweat the museum was more than enough to see and do. Every time I took the train to city center I was going directly past the Porscheplatz stop and the Museum and it wasn’t until the day I visited the Mercedes-Benz Museum located on the other side of town that I would go in and have a look. In comparison to the MB museum this one is tiny, only two floors raised high above street level. But boy is the offering on the floor good. Better than good, it is great. Race car upon race car. And all iconic ones I’ve only seen on TV or in magazines. Some I was lucky enough to see while volunteering during a Motorsport event. Others I wish to still see at a Historics race. So much good stuff, I found myself circling around to take another look, and another after that.

The pictures from the Porsche museum came out slightly better than those from the Mercedes-Benz museum. I think Porsche uses much better display design and lighting in comparison. Though looking back I have very fond memories of both.

Did I mention how good it is? It is sooooo good!

I love everything about their displays, from the lighting on cars, to the imagery in the background especially all the famous circuits these cars raced and won at and the little descriptions displayed.

All in all I spent well over an hour browsing around. I closed the place down being one of the last visitors to leave.