Super Sebring 2023 WEC at Sebring, Florida

I have been patiently waiting for this event the whole year. Super excited to participate on the scrutineering team again. Can’t praise them enough for making my time working the WEC portion of the race really enjoyable.

I got to try a new role as a tire scrutineer working with an RFID reader. This was especially cool because that is the line of work I’m in right now outside of car racing, and it was funny to experience the same issues we get at work with technology working in funny ways (or not working sometimes).

Like often happened in the past I had a gout attack sneak up on me right in time for race day. But I was determined not to allow it ruin my weekend. So I did all the measures I could to “walk it off” and sure enough it either went numb for the races or I really did supress it but I managed to make it thru.

Saturday was a spectator day for IMSA 12 hour race. I had a very lazy start arriving on track after the race had already started. Got a few t-shirts from the fan area (the usual Corvette & Cadillac racing that’s available every year). Hung out with my marshal friends in the Central Florida Region SCCA campground and then did a lap on the infield watching the race from multiple corners. Left for home just after 5pm and was in bed before the race had even finished lol.

Really looking forward to my next endurance race. Hoping WEC does return to Sebring again. For me it’s always an enjoyable experience.

Reading my gripes from last year’s race I realize I learned no lessons. Once again I booked myself into a grossly overpriced Hilton in Okeechobee. It was quite vintage with a bit of construction going on, and some roaches roaming around the room. But I made the best of it taking advantage of it’s claim to fame as one of the rural agricultural hubs of Florida and particularly it’s beef industry. The beef tongue tacos were spectacular.