Domestic Flights while Living Abroad

Australia 2009

It’s hard to explain the concept of Domestic flights when living abroad especially when there were multiple International flights involved as well using the Foreign country as home base. But let’s unravel this concept.

First up Australia where I lived for nearly a year in 2009. I traveled extensively around the country visiting every state and territory even if just on a day trip. However I also ventured out of the country making two big trips to Europe as well as a trip to Southeast Asia, and around the Pacific visiting New Zealand and Fiji for the first time. The international trips accounted for more than half of total miles flown while living Down Under. Besides flying I took the Aussie version of the Greyhound bus frequently as well as went on road trips with a friend truck driver going from Melbourne to Adelaide and Brisbane.

In all, according to the Great Circle Mapper I flew 81,027 miles on the following segments:

MEL – SYD 439 mi
SYD – CHC 1,323 mi
CHC – SYD 1,323 mi
SYD – TSV 1,047 mi
TSV – CNS 176 mi
TSV – SYD 1,047 mi
SYD – OOL 422 mi
OOL – SYD 422 mi
SYD – NAN 1,970 mi
NAN SYD 1,970 mi
SYD – HBA 645 mi
HBA – SYD 645 mi
SYD – MEL 439 mi
MEL – SYD 439 mi
SYD – MEL 439 mi
MEL – SYD 439 mi
SYD – MEL 439 mi
MEL – ADL 399 mi
MEL – SYD 439 mi
SYD – BKK 4,662 mi
BKK – LHR 5,958 mi
LHR – LYS 471 mi
LYS – LHR 471 mi
LHR – SIN 6,765 mi
SIN – SYD 3,908 mi
SYD – PER 2,041 mi
PER – SYD 2,041 mi
SYD – HTI 945 mi
HTI – SYD 945 mi
SYD – BNE 467 mi
BNE – MEL 857 mi
BNE – BDB 178 mi
BNE – SIN 3,816 mi
SIN – AMS 6,534 mi
AMS – LYS 455 mi
LYS – CFE 93 mi
CFE – CDG 225 mi
CDG – SIN 6,666 mi
SIN – SYD 3,908 mi
SYD – OOL 422 mi
OOL – KUL 4,043 mi
KUL – LGK 282 mi
LGK – PEN 80 mi
PEN – KUL 201 mi
KUL – OOL 4,043 mi
BNE – SYD 467 mi
SYD – PER 2,041 mi
PER – DRW 1,644 mi
DRW – MEL 1,941 mi

Singapore 2011

Living in Singapore was a dream! I was truly alive and part of my lifestyle was traveling around Southeast Asia as much as I could, sometimes every single weekend. All of my trips were around Southeast Asia including some day trips to Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia. Macau. Borneo, Taiwan and the Philippines. As well as many multi-day trips to my favorite beach destination Phuket, Thailand out of Singapore’s Changi Airport (SIN) or the Johor Airport (JHB) across the Strait in Malaysia . Besides flying I often took the bus to go into Malaysia. And a ferry boat to go to Batam, Indonesia.

In all, according to the Great Circle Mapper I flew 20,332 miles on the following segments:

SIN – KUL 184 mi
KUL – SIN 184 mi
SIN – HKT 607 mi
HKT – SIN 607 mi
SIN – DPS 1,037 mi
DPS – SIN 1,037 mi
SIN – KUL 184 mi
KUL – JHB 155 mi
SIN – MNL 1,474 mi
MNL – CEB 351 mi
CEB – MNL 351 mi
MNL – SIN 1,474 mi
JHB – BKI 904 mi
BKI – JHB 904 mi
SIN – MFM 1,569 mi
HKG – SIN 1,587 mi
SIN – KCH 440 mi
KCH – JHB 462 mi
SIN – KUL 184 mi
KUL – SIN 184 mi
SIN – CGK 546 mi
CGK – SIN 546 mi
KUL – SIN 184 mi
SIN – KBV 577 mi
HKT – SIN 607 mi
SIN – TPE 1,996 mi
TPE – SIN 1,996 mi

New Zealand 2011-2012

New Zealand was a bit of a doozie. I first wanted to go there when deciding on my first trip to Australia. Turns out I started filling out an application for citizenship instead of working holiday visit. When I returned home from Singapore I decided to give New Zealand another go. And this time quickly filled out the correct application. Got approved, and booked my flights to go there. As far as work goes, New Zealand was a disaster for me. Despite various interviews I could not land a job. However as far as Motorsport goes, I was at the track almost every weekend volunteering. There are two famous circuits within an hour’s drive from Auckland so that was convenient. Besides that there were several further away tracks that in the grand scheme of things were still significantly closer than most tracks are to my home in the US. So I volunteered a lot. Often driving with friends to the circuit. Sometimes taking a bus. And sometimes flying in. One week before Christmas I took advantage of the Air NZ Grabaseat promotion snatching cheap flights every day, the lowest for just $1 each way. So I got to see a great chunk of the North Island from the air. In fact just getting to Auckland airport to go on these flights was the most expensive part of the whole process. I ended up booking a multi-trip pass on the local shuttle bus which still came out to $22 round trip, per trip… which was a lot more than I paid for most flights. I also went to volunteer in Australia and Malaysia from my home base in New Zealand, that greatly increased my mileage traveled as most domestic flights were super short on a tiny prop-plane Beechcraft 1900D or Dash-8 Q400.

Unfortunately for me I had left New Zealand half way through my year long planned stay there. And as a result I did not get to visit many Pacific destinations I was planning to visit like Tonga and Samoa. Luckily I did get to visit the Cook Islands on a subsequent trip to New Zealand. One domestic trip I still wish to take within New Zealand is to the southern tip of the South Island, the towns of Dunedin, Invercargill and Queenstown are high on my to-do list.

In all, according to the Great Circle Mapper I flew 19,599 miles on the following segments:

AKL – BHE 315 mi
CHC – AKL 463 mi
NPE – AKL 204 mi
AKL – NPE 204 mi
NPE – AKL 204 mi
AKL – HLZ 66 mi
HLZ – AKL 66 mi
AKL – PMR 233 mi
PMR – AKL 233 mi
AKL – WHK 133 mi
WHK – AKL 133 mi
AKL – MEL 1,643 mi
MEL – AKL 1,643 mi
AKL – SIN 5,225 mi
SIN – KUL 184 mi
KUL – SIN 184 mi
SIN – AKL 5,225 mi
AKL – NPL 142 mi
NPL – AKL 142 mi
AKL – PMR 233 mi
PMR – AKL 233 mi
AKL – WLG 298 mi
WLG – AKL 298 mi
AKL – TUO 139 mi
TUO – AKL 139 mi
AKL – WLG 298 mi
WLG – AKL 298 mi
AKL – ROT 113 mi
ROT – AKL 113 mi
AKL – PPQ 269 mi
PPQ – AKL 269 mi
AKL – KKE 130 mi
KKE – AKL 130 mi